Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fort Langley Community Hall
9167 Glover Road
Fort Langley, BC


Brenda Alberts, Cathy Doyle, Jim Dyck, Blair Shpeley, Kevin Speilman, and Eric Woodward


Dixie Jacobson, Misty Vanpopta


Meghan Neufeld


Meeting called to order at 8:07am.

Blair Shpeley moved to add I.6 Recent Filming within the Commercial Area to the agenda.

Eric Woodward moved to add I.7 Marquee Tent Administration and I.8 Mid-Year BIA Update to the agenda.

That the agenda for the meeting be approved and adopted as amended.
Brenda Alberts
Jim Dyck
Without Dissent
That the minutes of the July 8, 2014, meeting be adopted as received.
Kevin Speilman
Blair Shpeley
Without Dissent
  1. President's Report
    1. Eric Woodward reported that over the past month he had coordinated the final branding session with Fluid Creative, and attended the Creative Brief presentation.
    2. Eric further outlined that he had finished promoting the last few Food Truck Saturdays, coordinated the last three banner designs from April Lacheur, and received their high resolution scans for possible future banner printing, as well as research into the feasibility of a Fort Langley Gift Card.
  2. Treasurer's Report
    1. Jim Dyck reported that the BIA has a cash balance of $111,395, with miscellaneous pending payables of approximately $6,500, but with Cranberry Festival vendors fees still to be deposited.
  1. Wendel's Highway Use Permit Application Denial. Township of Langley. July 23, 2014.
  2. Notice of Road Works on Mavis Avenue. Vercon Civil Contractors. August 4, 2014.
  1. Banners. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reported that the BIA now has 10 original pieces to consider for new banners after the branding exercise completes around the end of August.
    2. The Board generally agreed to delay their consideration of banners until the September meeting because of the branding exercise, but with an exception for a Cranberry Festival banner in early September, to be completed as soon as possible after the branding exercise is completed.
    Be it resolved that BIA approve $2,500 for graphic design and printing of a Cranberry Festival banner not specific to 2014, usable for multiple years.
    Blair Shpeley
    Jim Dyck
    Without Dissent
  2. Pedestrian Directories. Eric Woodward and Kevin Speilman.
    1. Kevin Speilman reported that Robert Inwood has completed detailed construction drawings that he was now actively sourcing options for construction, but someone that can complete the unique artistic metalwork.
    2. Kevin was unable to provide an exact cost at this point, but expected completion cost of the sign itself to come in at $4,500 or so, including Robert Inwood's design fees.
    3. Blair Shpeley asked whether ordering multiple sets of the metalwork would save cost on a 2nd sign. Kevin confirmed he would ask.
    Be it resolved that BIA approve $5,000 upset limit for the sign, including design, construction, install and printing.
    Kevin Speilman
    Blair Shpeley
    Without Dissent
    Be it resolved that BIA approve $2,500 for graphic design to revise and complete the pedestrian map.
    Kevin Speilman
    Brenda Alberts
    Without Dissent
  3. Fort Langley Branding Exercise. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reported that the Creative Brief was completed and confirmed by the majority of the Board, and that the new branding concept(s) would be presented by Fluid Creative to the Board by the end of August.
  1. Cranberry Festival Planning Update. Meghan Neufeld.
    1. Meghan Neufeld reported that she had confirmed 75 vendors so far, and that 8 are BIA members.
    2. She also confirmed that all other arrangements were ongoing, expected no hiccups, and that she was investigating the cost for custom cranberry bags to improve the logistics of their sales over prior years.
  2. Food Truck Saturdays Update. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reported that the 4th and final Food Truck Saturday was in July, and that there would not be any more in 2014. Eric suggested the Board consider feedback at a possible mid-year update or the AGM in 2015 and consider the idea again at some point in the future.
    2. Eric outlined that in his opinion it was a valuable experiment, and that food trucks are an inexpensive mechanism to draw visitors to Fort Langley that would not otherwise come, but that the Board should consider some of the negative feedback, and solicit more before considering it again.
    3. Eric also commented that some patrons were confused by it only being a single truck on a single day, not multiple trucks at the same time. He suggested that perhaps a single food truck day with multiple trucks would be something to consider for 2015, if it was possible to coordinate.
    4. Meghan Neufeld outlined that even getting the four trucks that did participate was a challenge, and that many were not interested in coming to Fort Langley at all during the summer given that there are many alternative locations.
  3. Fort Langley Gift Card. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reviewed the results of the research into the costs and possible administration of a Fort Langley Gift Card, from fulfillment to merchant training, to recurring costs.
    2. The majority of the Board expressed concern about the administrative overhead and demands such a program could impose upon the BIA.
    3. It was agreed to consider it further after the branding exercise was completed, at the September Board meeting.
  4. Additional Picnic Tables. Jim Dyck.
    1. Jim Dyck reported that he had repaired the two damaged picnic tables at the corner of Glover Road and Mary Avenue, and that four more were under construction to be delivered to the Fort Langley Community Hall and the Fort Mall on the Church Street side by the end of August.
  5. Wendel's Highways Use Permit Application Denial. All.
    1. Eric Woodward outlined the email correspondence that had taken place recently, but expressed some confusion about whether the BIA had actually been asked to get involved or do something specific, as it was only inferred that it should do so by a Mr Whittell in correspondence to Council.
    2. Eric outlined that he also received correspondence from a merchant that was experiencing an increase in sales now that pedestrians could safely traverse the sidewalk from Glover Road, and that this had to be considered by the BIA as well.
    3. Brenda Alberts strongly expressed that the BIA should not be involving itself in what amounts to the denial of a Highways Use Permit Application or enforcement of other bylaws, and that the issue has nothing to do with the BIA. She felt it was purely a matter between Wendel's and the Township of Langley, between which the BIA has no formal role.
    4. Brenda felt that BIA input would not have any impact on the reasoned decision of professional ToL staff that have determined it to be a public safely issue, and that the BIA has more important work items to be focusing on. She suggested that the BIA should not engage in lobbying the ToL to reverse public safety decisions, of which the BIA Board has no accredited expertise.
    5. Blair Shpeley said he felt the issue was ensuring the preservation of village ambiance, and that sidewalk seating and product displays do add to that, and that this should concern the BIA.
    6. Eric suggested that the BIA could send a letter expressing concern for the impact these kinds of decisions could potentially have on the village's atmosphere, and perhaps request that the ToL review the decision again, but questioned what the letter would accomplish since the decision was based on concerns for public safety.
    7. Eric also questioned whether the BIA would even consider involvement in a bylaw issue for any member other than Wendel's. Eric also expressed reservations that the BIA could be seen as rewarding Mr Whittell's and Ms Morrison's attempt to have other BIA members also denied permission to use the sidewalks, as Mr Whittell has done.
    8. Jim Dyck agreed, and suggested that the BIA cannot set a precedent that it involves itself in bylaw complaints, bylaw enforcement, or alcohol licensing issues specific to Wendel's.
    9. Kevin Speilman felt that the basis for the decision outlined by Mr Cordeiro was clearly site specific, with the completion of McBride Station and the pedestrian overpass, no sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, and the lack of sufficient access for table service. Kevin therefore concluded that it seemed unlikely that this decision would affect other merchants or the village ambiance overall.
    Be it resolved that BIA formally receive the letter from Paul Cordeiro dated July 23, 2014, but not pursue the matter further or otherwise get involved in any material way, and focus instead on current work items.
    Brenda Alberts
    Cathy Doyle
    Without Dissent
  6. Recent Filming within the Commercial Area. Blair Shpeley.
    1. Blair Shpeley expressed concern at the rising volume of filming once again within the Fort Langley commercial area, and the significant disruption and harm to retail business that it causes.
    2. Eric Woodward confirmed that it seemed required notices were not being completed, and that often, he discovered filming going on for which there had been no notification to the Fort Langley BIA.
  7. Marquee Tent Administration
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that the administration of marquee tent rental needed some more clear policy outlines.
    2. Brenda Alberts and Jim Dyck suggested that the BIA distinguish between community-orientated events and private events that can afford the setup cost, of which $200 is very reasonable.
    3. After an extensive discussion, Eric Woodward suggested he draft some potential policies and report back at the September meeting.
  8. Mid-Year BIA Membership Update. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward suggested that a mid-year membership update would be a good idea, since there would be many things to potentially discuss with the interested membership, from the results of the branding exercise, to the new pedestrian signs, the upcoming utilities conversion.
    2. The Board agreed, and suggested the week of September 8th. Eric confirmed he would attempt to arrange a venue as soon as possible and report back to the Board via email.

The next meeting was confirmed to be on September 9, 2014, at 8:00am.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00am.