Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fort Langley Community Hall
9167 Glover Road
Fort Langley, BC


Cathy Doyle, Dixie Jacobson, Blair Shpeley, Kevin Speilman, Misty Vanpopta, and Eric Woodward


Brenda Alberts, Jim Dyck


Meghan Neufeld


Meeting called to order at 8:15am.

That the agenda for the meeting be approved and adopted.
Cathy Doyle
Dixie Jacobson
Without Dissent
That the minutes of the June 10, 2014, meeting be adopted as received.
Dixie Jacobson
Blair Shpeley
Without Dissent
  1. President's Report
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that that the last month had been focused on obtaining banners designs, the branding exercise, and Food Truck Saturdays.
    2. Eric outlined that he organized three branding sessions for Fluid Creative, of about 10 people each, with a variety of residents and merchants, as requested by Fluid.
    3. Eric also reported that he, Kevin Speilman, and Jim Dyck had met with the ToL regarding general streetscape issues.
  2. Treasurer's Report
    1. On behalf on Jim Dyck who was unable to attend, Eric Woodward reported that the BIA's cash balance is approximately $125,400, with about $3,000 in known liabilities.
  1. Accusations by Rick Green, former Mayor, Township of Langley, of Improper Process and Personal Agendas within the Fort Langley BIA. June 22, 2014.
  2. Mavis + McBride Public Information Meeting. June 26, 2014.
  1. Banners. Eric Woodward and Meghan Neufeld.
    1. Eric reported that the BIA now had 10 artistic banner designs to choose from. He confirmed that each still needs to be updated with the results of the branding exercise to complete final layouts, as applicable.
    2. The Board discussed the possibility of a banner design for the Cranberry Festival for this year and/or next, perhaps simple in colour and layout that matches the existing signage for cranberry sales and shuttle transportation points.
    3. Blair Shpeley suggested that some banner designs include water-based or boating orientated scenes, more people, and the Kwantlen First Nation.
  2. Visitor Maps. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reported that he had some additional visitor maps, and that he would give them to the information booth at the Fort Langley Community Hall to distribute.
    2. Eric suggested that he felt it was time to consider a new map design and format for 2015 after the branding exercise was completed, and not spend any additional funds printing a version that would now be obsolete within a few months.
    3. Eric noted that the BIA has not received a single request for re-supply of the maps from anyone, and that perhaps this suggests that a new direction should be explored.
  3. Pedestrian Directories. Eric Woodward and Kevin Speilman.
    1. Kevin Speilman reviewed Robert Inwood's draft design with the Board, and outlined potential materials, finish treatments, and graffiti prevention options.
    2. Kevin confirmed that he is waiting on a few final details from Robert Inwood to complete a quote for installation.
    3. Eric Woodward hoped that it would be possible to confirm the cost and order the first sign at the August meeting for September or October installation. Kevin confirmed that he will attempt to meet this deadline.
  4. Fort Langley Branding Exercise Update. Eric Woodward, Meghan Neufeld and Misty Vanpopta.
    1. Misty Vanpopta and Eric Woodward reported that the results from the session they attended were positive, and that the process seemed to be well received by all that participated. Meghan Neufeld echoed these sentiments, from the session she attended.
    2. Eric Woodward confirmed that the 3rd and final session was set for Monday, July 14th.
    3. Eric further outlined that the next steps after the final session would be to review and confirm the Creative Brief from Fluid, expected to be presented to the Board in the 3rd week of July, which would then inform the final step of branding and messaging formation.
  1. Cranberry Festival Planning Update. Meghan Neufeld.
    1. Meghan Neufeld outlined that she had a number of minor tweaks to the festival this year, which mostly involved improved washrooms, a small number of additional vendors, and revised locations for food options.
  2. General Facebook Advertising Budget to August 31, 2014. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that Facebook promotion for specific items was working well, that he had promoted Food Truck Saturday, Canada Day and the Fort Studio's anniversary celebration.
    2. He further reported and that the Fort Langley Facebook page now has over 17,000 Likes, mostly from directly adjacent areas such as the rest of the Langley, Abbotsford and Surrey.
    3. Eric expressed again that almost no one requests that the BIA help promote their events for them, and if they do, they do not supply the necessary items to do so, such as an image with only 20% text coverage. He confirmed that more work was needed to inform and assist the membership in this regard.
    Be it resolved that BIA approve $3,000 for general Facebook advertising and promotion to August 31, 2014.
    Kevin Speilman
    Dixie Jacobson
    Without Dissent
  3. Food Truck Saturdays Update. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward reported that two food trucks had come to Fort Langley the past two Saturdays, with solid sales numbers reported by the vendors, both of which said they would definitely return. The setup at the corner of Glover Road and Mary Avenue is an excellent venue for the program, with the BIA's picnic tables and marquee tent setup each day in case of rain.
    2. Blair Shpeley outlined that he felt the positive spinoff from the food truck promotion was noticeable, with people that had come to Fort Langley for this specifically. He added that in his opinion people that come for food trucks are not those looking to sit down for a proper meal.
    3. Meghan Neufeld mentioned that there are studies that confirm that food trucks do not affect local restaurants, and that she would track these down for the Board.
  4. Fort Langley Gift Card. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward presented the concept of a Fort Langley Gift Card that would be chargeable with custom amounts, and then, ideally, work at every retail location in Fort Langley, including all restaurants and cafes.
    2. Eric outlined that he felt a gift card that would work in most locations in a town centre like Fort Langley's would be more appealing and interesting to people than a gift card for single business, such as specific chain restaurants or retail stores. Eric further mentioned that studies confirm that when people use gift cards they tend to spend more than the card's amount, which would increase overall sales in Fort Langley even more than the charged amounts.
    3. The Board discussed the logistical and financial challenges of starting and operating such a program, but generally agreed that it was a fantastic idea, if it was ultimately affordable, and possible to coordinate.
  5. Family Activities Day. Eric Woodward and Meghan Neufeld.
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that he would like to attempt a modest family orientated day in August at the corner of Glover Road and Mary Avenue as another draw to Fort Langley in the later half of August.
    2. With the Board's endorsement of the idea, Meghan Neufeld confirmed that she would investigate some options and report back at the August meeting if it was still possible to arrange something for this year.

The next meeting was confirmed to be on August 12, 2014, at 8:00am.


Meeting adjourned at 10:15am.