Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lee's Market
23320 Mavis Avenue
Fort Langley, BC


Gareth Abreo, Jim Dyck, Dixie Jacobson, Casey Smith, Kevin Speilman, Misty Vanpopta, and Eric Woodward


Andrew Abreo


Brenda Alberts, Meghan Neufeld


Meeting called to order at 8:05am.

That the agenda for the meeting be approved and adopted.
Kevin Speilman
Misty Vanpopta
Without Dissent
That the minutes of the September 5, 2013, meeting be adopted as received.
Dixie Jacobson
Casey Smith
Without Dissent
  1. Potential Marketing Plan for 2014. Darian Kovacs, Jelly Marketing.
    1. Darian Kovacs gave the Board a general introduction to himself and Jelly Marketing, and some of the marketing efforts he had organized within Langley as examples for the Board to consider for Fort Langley.
  2. Traffic Concerns within Fort Langley. Connie Blundy, Fort Langley Community Assocation.
    1. The Board had a lively discussion with Connie Blundy, President of the FLCA, about their upcoming event on November 21st, at 7:30pm, at the Fort Langley Community Hall, regarding general traffic issues in the village, and possible upcoming attempts to try and resolve them.
    2. The four issues identified for further future discussion and analysis were the truck route through the centre of Fort Langley, the intersection of Glover Road and Mavis Avenue, the intersection of 96th Avenue and Glover Road, and a signalized crosswalk on 96th Avenue to more safely connect the new Bedford Langley pedestrian overpass with Fort Langley Elementary.
    3. The Board agreed with the FLCA that these items are important issues within Fort Langley, and the BIA pledged its support in principal for any attempts to improve them. It was agreed that more discussion was called for, and looked forward to the community meeting being organized for November 21st.
  1. President's Report
    1. Eric Woodward reported that he had been busy assisting Meghan Neufeld with the marketing efforts for the Cranberry Festival on the BIA's Facebook page.
    2. He reported that the total authorized expenditure for non-festival Facebook advertising of $1,500 had been spent.
    3. He further reported that the Fort Langley Facebook Page now had 5,970 Likes, up from 3,475, a 72% increase month-over-month, and that Facebook promotion in general was going very well.
    4. Eric outlined that he was also working on an updated version of the website to make it more mobile, and these efforts would continue throughout October and November.
  2. Treasurer's Report
    1. Jim Dyck reported that the BIA has a cash balance of $99,449.84, with revenue and expenses of the Cranberry Festival yet to be processed and reconciled.
    2. He confirmed that from all appearances the financial health of the Cranberry Festival had vastly improved compared to prior years.
  3. Streetscape Report
    1. Casey Smith reported that he and Eric Woodward had met with Brian Edey of the Township of Langley about signage concerns and damage to Christmas lighting during recent street tree pruning.
    2. Jim Dyck asked if the bridge on Glover Road between Rawlison Crescent and Glover Road would be repaired prior to the Cranberry Festival, because many people would walk into Fort Langley via that route on the day of the festival. Casey Smith confirmed he would follow-up.
  1. Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee Request for Funds. August 30, 2013.
  1. Memo to Council Regarding Langley Heritage Society's Communication with the Township of Langley Regarding the Utilities Conversion Project. July 22, 2013.
  1. Village Directories. Eric Woodward & Kevin Speilman.
    1. Kevin Speilman presented multiple options for a pedestrian sign with one or two panels. The Board decided on a simple metal based design with some additional smaller panels for some extra content options.
    2. Kevin confirmed that he would obtain a quote for its construction for the Board to consider at its November meeting.
  2. Utilities Conversion Update. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward confirmed that he not heard anything further about the utilities conversion anticipated schedule or details since August. He said he would contact the Township of Langley for an update, and report back.
  1. Cranberry Festival Planning Update. Meghan Neufeld.
    1. Meghan Neufeld reported that with a final placement of two BIA merchant members into the festival, that it was now full, with 80+ vendors now approved and set to participate in the festival, not including food vendors.
    2. She reported that with a final list she would start notifying members via email with logistical information and general locations.
    3. Additionally, the entertainment was now going to include the Kwantlen First Nation, which the Board was very appreciative of and excited about. Meghan reported that the entertainment cost had come in under budget, yet surpassed expectations, and that she expected that it would be very well received.
    4. MOTION
      Be it resolved that the Board of Directors hereby authorize the expenditure of $500 to the Ron Dunkley Memorial Society as a expression of the BIA's thanks and appreciation to the entertainment organizer, Sandy Dunkley.
      MOVED BY
      Casey Smith
      Jim Dyck
      Without Dissent
    5. Gareth Abreo outlined that he had arranged for the acquisition of volunteer "pinnies" for use during the Cranberry Festival, and other events, which was a cost not included in the approved Cranberry Festival Budget for 2013.
    6. MOTION
      Be it resolved that the Board of Directors hereby authorize the expenditure of $750 for volunteer "pinnies" for the 2013 Cranberry Festival and future BIA-organized events.
      MOVED BY
      Casey Smith
      Jim Dyck
      Without Dissent
    7. Eric Woodward outlined that Facebook promotion for the festival was fully underway, and had generated thousands of visitors to view the Cranberry Festival poster and website for information about the festival. He expected that total marketing costs would end up between $5,500 and $7,500, slightly over budget but surpassing expectations and return, using extras funds saved within entertainment and improved vendor booth fee revenues.
    8. Eric also reported that he had released the promotion coordinated with the Fort Langley National Historic Site to give away three oTENtik reservations the night before the Cranberry Festival at a cost of $120 to the BIA, and that it had been very successful, reaching over 20,000 people.
    9. Everyone generally expressed gratitude to Meghan Neufeld for doing a great job so far with many of the details of organizing the festival without any prior documentation to work with, and the challenging task of processing so many applications to participate.
  2. Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee Request for Funds. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that Warren Sommer of the Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee had requested a contribution towards their remembrance day event held in Fort Langley. Casey Smith suggested the BIA purchase a quality wreath.
    2. MOTION
      Be it resolved that the Board of Directors hereby authorize the expenditure of $500 to the Fort Langley Remembrance Day Committee.
      MOVED BY
      Gareth Abreo
      Casey Smith
      Without Dissent
  3. Fort Langley Off-Street Parking Bylaw Feedback from BIA. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward outlined that the report to Council regarding the BIA's delegation requesting a review of the Fort Langley Off-Street Parking Bylaw was due to come back to Council in the 4th quarter of 2013.
    2. The Board discussed some general principles to provide to Development Services at the Township of Langley as feedback for them to consider, such as the low, long obsolete per-stall cost of $12,000. The Board also questioned the desirability of the original intent of the bylaw, to create more off-street surfacing parking lots in Fort Langley, which most Board members consider undesirable since above-ground commercial parking lots detract from the general appeal of central village areas, and degrade overall walkability. Eric Woodward confirmed he would compile this feedback in letter form and submit it.
  4. Christmas Event. Everyone.
    1. The Board generally agreed that the organization of an expanded Christmas in Fort Langley should become a priority item immediately after the Cranberry Festival is concluded.
    2. A multiple day promotion was generally accepted as the preferred direction to consider, to reduce the risk of poor weather or schedule conflicts during a very busy season for most people.
    3. Jim Dyck outlined that the budget contained a line item for an expanded Christmas of $7,500 that can easily be afforded by the BIA, without question, due to its strong financial position.
  5. Potential BIA Mid-Year General Meeting. Eric Woodward.
    1. Eric Woodward suggested that an informal gathering of BIA members to ask questions and get an update on the BIA's status, progress and upcoming work items is overdue. It would also be a great opportunity to give the BIA quality feedback in an informal setting, if they so desire.
    2. The Board agreed that the 3rd week of October, if possible to arrange, between Cranberry Festival and Halloween, would be a good potential time period. Eric Woodward confirmed he would investigate possible dates and locations, and report back.

The next meeting is proposed to be on November 7, 2013, at 8:00am.